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Personal Training

As many people are time poor, it has become more important than ever to achieve the very best results in the time allocated to one’s health and fitness routine.

At Anatomy Physical Therapy (APT) we offer a Personal Training Service which focuses on achieving results for our clients. Qualified Fitness Instructors assess an individual (or teams) requirements after which a multi-faceted program is developed, targeted at motivating our clients and achieving the agreed goals. These programs are constantly monitored, reviewed with the client and adjusted as necessary to ensure maximum results.

A range of programmes are available in this area including weight loss management, muscle gain, body conditioning and toning and improved sporting performance.

We offer this Personal Training Service to both individuals and clubs. Currently, we work with a number of prominent Gaelic and Rugby Football Clubs in the Dublin area.

What is Personal Training?

A Personal Trainer is a person qualified in general fitness techniques and gives sound nutritional advice that helps people exercise and achieve the desired level of fitness, good health and general well being.

There are five core components of fitness: muscle strength, muscle endurance, weight management, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Additional components include power and speed. These are considered when designing a personal training program for each individual in order to maximise fitness and achieve their personal goals. Nutrition and overall muscle tone programs are also developed so as to provide a rounded physical health management system.

The programme will incorporate the latest thinking in terms of exercise and nutrition. It is designed to fit into everyday life and can be done on a one to one basis or in small groups.

What the individual wants to achieve will determine the exercise type, the intensity and duration of same. There are many forms of exercise that will achieve very specific results and generally a combination of exercises will be prescribed to achieve the desired results. It could include resistance or weight training, step aerobics, circuit training, body conditioning, aerobics, Pilates, cardio-vascular training, flexibility, balance and coordination.

A Personal Trainer provides motivation to achieve results and will keep records of the individual’s achievements to date to help monitor progress and they may also advise each client on how to modify their lifestyle outside of the gym to improve their fitness.
What can I expect from Personal Training at Anatomy Physical Therapy

Following assessment and in consultation with you, a fully trained and qualified Personal Trainer at APT will work with you to develop a program of exercise, nutrition and weight management depending on the goals that have been set by you during the consultation. We can measure your level of fitness, check your BMI against the norms for your age and height and chat to you about your current exercise and nutrition habits.

We will agree the duration of the program, the frequency of meetings and APT will provide the training equipment. We will demonstrate the correct way each exercise should be completed to minimize injury and maximize results.

We will monitor your progress and discuss any issues that may arise during the program. The one to one or small group approach is a very effective method in achieving results.

Personal Training Programmes can be delivered to an individual or a sports team. Since APT Therapists are qualified Fitness Instructors, it enables them to develop a complete programme to increase fitness levels and performance for your sports club. These generally include nutrition, speed, agility, strength, muscle tone – whatever is the prerequisite for the sport that is undertaken.

The benefits of Personal Training with Anatomy Physical Therapy

Any exercise programme yields significant benefits in weight loss management, improved sporting performance, building bone density, muscle tone, increasing cardio-vascular function, body conditioning and even relieving stress.

A Personalised Training Programme goes even further than this in providing a dedicated tailor-made service, designed with the needs of the specific individual in mind and incorporating the latest thinking in terms of exercise and nutrition.

Each programme is fully monitored, records are kept, progress monitored and so success rates are high. A qualified APT Trainer will motivate and drive each person or team to keep them on track and maximize their results.

The effects of a Personalised Training Programme can be felt quickly with individuals claiming to feel more energetic and experiencing improved fitness in the areas of strength, endurance, flexibility or core conditioning.