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Taping & Strapping

Anatomy Physical Therapy (APT) we offer a Taping and Strapping service to individuals and clubs. Our qualified Physical Therapists use therapeutic Taping or Strapping techniques to relieve pressure on swollen, injured soft tissue or to provide support and restrict the movement of injured muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints for athletes or other patients requiring this treatment.

We currently provide this service to a number of prominent Gaelic and Rugby Football Clubs and schools in the Dublin area.

What is Taping and Strapping?

Taping and Strapping is the application of tape to an athlete’s injured joint in order to restrict movement or support a muscle group surrounding an injured joint that may be under pressure as a result of the injury. It may also be used to prevent recurrence of a previous injury. For example, athletes who repeatedly suffer ankle sprains may benefit from taping their ankle, as the ligaments are weakened and require support to function effectively.

Taping and Strapping techniques are generally used as part of an overall rehabilitation programme including stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises.

In many instances, early Taping and Strapping of an injured area enables athletes and sports players to continue at their game until the healing process is complete.

Common conditions treated with Taping and Strapping include:

Foot, Ankle & Leg The Knee Thigh, Hip & Pelvis Shoulder & Arm Elbow, Forearm, Wrists & Hand
  • Achilles tendon strains & tendinitis
  • Collateral & cruciate ligament sprains
  • Hamstrings
  • AC joint strain
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Ankle sprains
  • Patellofemoral joint pain
  • Hip & thigh contusion
  • Arm contusion
  • Elbow hyperextension
  • Arch strains & plantar fasciitis
  • Knee braces
  • Hip Strain
  • Glen humeral sprain
  • Elbow sprains
  • Great toe sprains
  • Knee hyperextension
  • Thigh Strain


  • Finger sprains
  • Heal contusions




  • Tendon rupture & avulsions
  • Mortons neuroma




  • Tennis elbow
  • Shin splints




  • Thumb sprains





  • Wrist sprains

What to expect from Taping and Strapping at Anatomy Physical Therapy

Following an initial assessment, our trained Physical Therapists will discuss and agree a programme of treatment that best meets your needs. This may include taping and Strapping a joint to protect it from further injury combined with, where appropriate, other forms of treatment such as Physical Therapy, Sports Massage and/or Electrotherapy (FSM), to improve and accelerate the healing process.

Our Physical Therapists may advise that you continue Taping and Strapping the affected area even when the injury has healed to protect the joint from further injury and to support the joint as it may be weakened depending on the type of injury that has occurred. This will be monitored on a continuous basis to ensure maximum effectiveness and your comfort at all times.

At APT we use the highest quality Taping & Strapping materials to ensure the best results in terms of support and longevity.

The benefits of Taping and Strapping at Anatomy Physical Therapy

The application of Taping and Strapping provides compression to an injured area thereby reducing swelling and the risk of further injury. This improves the overall healing time and quality.

Taping and Strapping restricts the movement of and provides support to injured joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. In fact, in many instances early Taping and Strapping of an injured area enables athletes and sports players to continue safely at their game until the healing process is complete.

It is often cited by athletes that a tapped injury provides a player with the mental confidence to perform as they feel reassured that their injury is fully supported and stabilised and won’t be acerbated by further movement.

It is commonly used for sports injuries, however, it is also applicable to general injuries outside of the sporting environment. For example, a sprained ankle, repetitive strain injuries or carpel tunnel syndrome.

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